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Help & Advice in Hiring a Marquee

Excellent advice whatever Marquee Hire company you choose!   Find out if the Marquee Hire company is available for your wedding date. Ensure that the company is willing to visit the location of where the marquee is to be erected. Clarify exactly what is included in the price and if there are any “after” charges. […]

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How to bring the outside in & inside out Urban gardens can be that extra room you are looking for, adding value in more ways than one. London architects should inspire their clients to make the most of their indoor-outdoor space, however big or small, so that they can relax enjoy space, eat and entertain, […]

28 January 2011 at 09:25 - Comments

Three, four or more

Starting a family is a dream come true for many couples, and they welcome the changes that come with the new territory of family life. Often this includes rearranging the finances to provide for your new bundle of joy, but this need not mean you have to miss out on a much needed holiday. The […]

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Buty Guru Blog

Therapists will now be able to log online to get the expert advice from a new blog initiative, The Buty Guru. Set up by a leading brand of beauty salon London called Buty Salon, the site was created to help a broad range of professional therapists from those starting out within the beauty industry to […]

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End of Tenancy Cleaning

Most tenancies are require to have an end of tenancy cleaning in order to receive your deposit back.  We find it’s best to do so yourself as your landlord or agent may charge more than necessary.  Our end of tenancy cleaning is carried out by dedicated mobile teams of cleaning operatives whose specialty are properties […]

21 January 2011 at 12:10 - Comments

Industrial Blowers

Roots type blowers play a vital role in many processes. Applications range from pneumatic conveying of granules and powders to aeration of water and sewage. They are generally very reliable machines but when worked very hard they may breakdown. At IBS we are very aware of the disruption caused by blower downtime. Our abilities to […]

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Reducing Energy Costs

Do you want to cut costs & help the environment by reducing your energy consumption? If the answer is yes then you need a company who manages your utility bills and your carbon footprint by using energy management software.  Find one that have a team of dedicated energy account managers and data analysts to work […]

21 January 2011 at 08:41 - Comments

Tips & Advice for Renting Furniture

Are you looking for home furniture hire?  Be sure to use a supplier who specialises in providing full household packages of furniture and accessories.  That way you can choose any combination of items from their inventories, please note though that most suppliers do not supply one off items. Some companies may even supply basic home […]

20 January 2011 at 08:47 - Comments

General Memorial Information

Cemeteries and churchyards often have rules governing and regulating the kinds of headstones and memorials that can be erected, and often also the inscriptions and ornamentation that accompanies the headstones can be subject to review. These regulations can vary from place to place and it is advisable to check. A MEMORIAL GROUP memorial mason will […]

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Wooden Flooring Installation Methods

There are 3 main methods of fixing down wooden flooring; glue-down, secret nailing or floating. Which is the best? Floating wooden floors A floating floor is where the boards are lightly glued together with PVA wood glue along the tongue joint and laid onto a foam matting or underlay  over the existing floor. They are […]

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