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Pulse (aM&T)


Pulse is RUMM’s unique data acquisition hardware/software solution used to collate all the readings from a sub-metering system.

Pulse is not reliant on any particular hardware or type of data. Pulse can tap into any meter, on any frequency, in any location. Communicating via both a GSM module that constantly backs up the data, as well as a hardwired/radio connection, means customers never experience a loss in connection or lose their essential half hourly aM&T readings.

This means RUMM has a very robust system giving you reliability and consistent data collection.

Additional benefits include:

  • opportunity to take live readings
  • option to dial in remotely to access data LIVE
  • ability to perform remote diagnostics and identify which specific meter has a problem
  • Proactive alarm reporting of meter

Owned uniquely by RUMM, Pulse is suitable for use across any size of organization or industry and in most cases only requires installation of one unit per site, giving customers a fully comprehensive solution to the data requirements of an aM&T system.

Contact us for more information on how a Pulse unit can help your aM&T system.

Click here to download a PDF outlining the features and benefits of RUMM’s aM&T system. We also offer Energy Management Software which can help business energy reduction.

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