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Energy rich savings from RUMM

In order to increase the efficiency of energy saving programmes many corporate companies are looking to RUMM energy management solutions to assist them with this complex issue.

RUMM is a company that has caught my attention and definitely worthy of recognition for creating awareness and their positive influence in the way the world views energy consumption.

RUMM energy savings corporate solutions have become known as the industry leader in energy savings throughout various sectors. On reviewing RUMM I found some interesting case studies over the various sectors and found some impressive results worth mentioning.

Energy savings industry is of vital importance as the savings have a huge effect on the economy of the country thus impacting each one of us.


The Prince Charles Hospital (PCH) acquired the services of RUMM which proved exactly how much money can be saved in reducing energy consumption. Look at the facts:


NHS Organisation
Key points

12% electricity savings in just 8 weeks, Evaluated annual savings of £70k, Bespoke approach and Low cost methodologies

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