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Industrial Services

Metal Spraying

A valuable asset of services, Metal Spraying is a cost effective and technically advanced method of restoring worn components and surfaces to their original specification and tolerance.

Metal Spraying has an incredible bond strength and can be applied very precisely, leaving otherwise redundant components as good as new and extremely hard wearing.

A wide variety of material can be reclaimed this way, including mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, low alloy steels, aluminium and brass.

By employing metal spraying technology you are able to expedite repairs to blowers and rotary seals and reinstate machinery that may otherwise be beyond salvage. Thus you can eliminate delays in waiting for major spare parts such as rotors to arrive from the manufacturers


  • Minimised expense on replacement parts
  • Worn components restored to their original condition
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Fast, professional service and delivery
  • Reduced machinery downtime

Rotary Seals, Filters, Sifters and Diverter Valves

Wear and tear on rotary seals causes air slippage which can make the seal and the process inefficient. Look for a company that can rebuild and repair rotary seals with specialised coatings on the internal surfaces for maximum longevity.

Ensure they offer the following services.

  • Sifters : Inspected, repaired and set up checked
  • Reverse jet filters : Serviced for Solenoids, Cages, Filter Bags and Timer Boards
  • Diverter valves : Cleaned and checked for wear, seals and solenoids

Road Tanker Equipment

Oil lubricated sliding vane vacuum pumps have been used for decades as a tried and tested means of evacuating and discharging waste liquids from road tankers. They are often worked very hard on dirty applications and although they are generally robust and reliable, from time to time they will require servicing or repair.

Look for a company who has the ability to:

  • Re-machine scored and corrugated body bores and re-dowel the body to accommodate the repositioning of the sideplates
  • Re-plate worn or damaged body bores (where plating is used)
  • Repair bearing journals that have been damaged where bearings and sleeves have worked loose
  • Re-machine scored and damaged sideplates
  • Straighten rotor shafts that have been bent (depending on specific details)


Roots type blowers play a vital role in many processes. Applications range from pneumatic conveying of granules and powders to aeration of water and sewage. They are generally very reliable machines but when worked very hard they may breakdown.

Some companies offer new, reconditioned and service exchange machines. Don’t accept an 8 to 16 week lead time for new blowers, look for a company who hold a range of new, reconditioned and service exchange blowers in stock ready for immediate despatch.

The blowers we provide are as follows:

Dresser roots blower                                         Lutos Turbo Blower

HR Blower                                                         Trinado blower

Robuschi blower                                               gm blower

wade blower                                                      holmes blower

godfrey blower                                                  hick hargreaves blower

ingersoll rand blower                                         drum blower

gma blower                                                       gmb blower

sutorbilt blower                                                 Screw blower                                                   

Turbo blower                                                                     Lutos Turbo Blower


Pneumofore sliding vane vacuum pump

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