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Save energy consumption and money in UK and Wales

When looking for a company that takes energy saving seriously, do your research carefully. Ensure you have chosen the right company as they will be responsible for helping your company save hundreds and thousands of pounds each year.

Some tips to when researching, find out how long they have been around for (when they started business), their growth – company vision, expansion in terms of staff, what and who they stand for (their company business ethics) and most importantly their track record. Speak to other customers, ask for case studies.

When researching some UK companies I came across RUMM, experts in energy monitoring and management systems. After checking out their case studies I was suitably impressed by the growth of the company, they have just employed 3 new members of the team.

This goes to show they are growing in leaps and bounds especially in these difficult economic times. People recognise that during these times one of the key ways companies can save money is by reducing their energy consumption. 

Contact RUMM Energy Management UK and RUMM Energy Management Wales for further energy saving information by clicking on

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