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Want to be a DJ? Read further what John has to say

Annette and I were wondering how we could flush out potential DJ’s resident in Cambridge who’d like to learn how to do it?  When I say learn how to do it, I/we don’t presume that we know it all or that you need to do it like we do, but you do have to play music that will  be popular with the dancers.
The DJ makes or breaks the milonga and although he or she can be forgiven for the occasional mis-placed tanda (I hope!) or dodgy milonga (yes I know, what was I thinking: that ghastly middle milonga last night was Biagi’s Soy del 90 – doesn’t sound like he is 90 to me, more like a cross between a spring lamb and Tigger.  But I won’t do it again – I wasn’t dancing I was watching the mayhem), a lot of the dancers enjoyment of the evening hinges on the music, and the DJ ( so no pressure).  10501780_m (2)So you see we are looking for DJ’s who love tango music of the Golden Age, not for DJ’s who want to play “alternative” music.

If you are interested in having a go, you’ll need to have a reasonable collection of golden age tango music and be prepared to sit with your music (no dancing while DJing) and be prepared to alter your selections if the floor is emptying, and it will empty if you get it wrong.

If that doesn’t put you off, then please get in touch by clicking here Tango in Cambridge

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