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Apartments Westfield London is centrally located for ease of travel

Grandiose as it name sounds, the departmental store called Liberty is magnificent. Founded in 1875 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty, this private company provides innovative and eclectic designs to the public. The retail departmental store is found on Regent Street in the west end shopping district of London. The store is widely known for its floral and graphic prints being its signature design. The store sells goods for women, men and children’s fashion, from clothes, to accessories, fragrances, home ware and furniture.

Another luxurious departmental store that is historically entwined and star studded by Britain’s s popular figures is Harrods which Apartments near Westfield London highly recommends to pay a visit to. Also Apartments West London recommends that one to dress appropriately as the store entertains a dress code and has had instances where individuals have been turned away denoting as ‘inappropriately dressed’. We strongly recommends visiting the store as it has to memorials for one of the most recent celebrated personality in the Royal British history, Princess Diana.  Apartments Westfield London coupling similar attraction sites that are located closely is the wisest trip plan; hence booking is essential.

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