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Whatever the weather

You arrive at the airport, guide books thumbed through on the flight, list of must see attractions at the ready, only to step out into a torrential downpour. Or so you thought. In fact, it’s the first of five days constant rain, which to a holidaymaker could spell disaster, especially if you have small children in tow.

Your nightmare scenario – stuck in one family sized hotel room, at best kids bouncing on their shared bed, you only grateful that they are not yet fighting.

Not so if you have the good fortune to have thought ahead, and found your perfect flat for rent London. One that is most likely eating into less of your budget than a hotel would have done. You have more space, a separate bedroom or bedrooms for the kids, a living area, and a sit down kitchen. What this means is that you won’t be suffering through the deluge outside anymore. Many holiday apartments even provide a selection of games, or details of local attractions that you can get to easily. They often come, as hotel rooms do, with cable TV and internet connection, but thankfully with enough space that you can relax in another room should your children want to watch Madagascar for the third time…

Many country locations even provide outdoor wet gear, so you can all get your wellies on and enjoy the beautiful surroundings no matter what is forecast.

In most towns and cities there are ample convenient transport links to get around to major attractions and in many holiday apartments you will find information on these provided or you can browse at your leisure on the internet which is included in the price of the apartment.

If you have been visiting tourist attractions all day in the rain, perhaps that last thing you want is to sit in a restaurant with wet feet, and that slightly chilled, damp feeling all over. You would rather take a hot bath, and relax with your feet up, toasting warm with a bowl of hot soup in front of you, freshly made in your own kitchen. This is another great benefit of staying in flats for rent in London. Not only the freedom to do this but the fact that you are not paying the price of room service!

It doesn’t matter if it rains or pours, you will return home relaxed, refreshed and ready for anything.

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